5 Top Tips to land a job in a Games Studio

5 top tips to land a job in a Games Studio


1 - Help the recruiter out and properly name your resumé

Game studio recruiters are hard-working people.  I know of one studio in the UK that had over 80 jobs to fill and only 2 recruiters to try and fill these positions.

This means they like everything to be organised to try and help them manage their workload effectively.

One way in which you can show a desire to land the job and at the same time stick out in the game studio recruiters mind is to name your CV correctly.  This is what happens when you don’t.



The way I would recommend that you do this is to name your resumé after your name and the job title you are applying for. For example Scott_Mills_Senior_Gameplay_Programmer_Resume_01112017 or something similar.

This shows the games recruiter exactly who you are and the job you are applying for.


2 – Adjust your portfolio to the style of the studio you are applying to

The temptation with any portfolio is to cram as much as possible in, to try and showcase your work.  Game studio recruiters would rather see a couple of pieces which are strong, rather than a portfolio crammed full of work you have completed.  You probably have 30 seconds to make a real impression on the recruiter.

If the studio you are applying to has a more humorous cartoony feel to their games, then match your show pieces to their work.  If the studio is more dark and edgy, then try and show off pieces that would suit their style.


3 – Tailor your resumé

Like with your portfolio or demoreel, you need to tailor your resumé to match the role that you are applying too.  Make sure the details included are applicable to the game studio that you are applying to and keep your resumé short and snappy.

Lots of ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems) use keywords to filter candidates, so make sure your resumé includes the keywords that the studio is looking for.

Make sure your CV shows that you are a good fit for their studio.


4 – If you land the interview, show off your contribution

So, you have sent in the perfect resumé, your experiences and skills match what the Game Studio is looking for and you now have an interview with the recruiter or hiring manager.  One of the biggest pitfalls is being blasé about your work and not showcasing the work you have done on a project.

A hiring manager needs to know exactly what you can bring to the team and what better way to show this off it to explain exactly what you have done on a previous project (Within a games studio or working on your own title).


5 – Show you are a team player too

Games are only made with great team work.  Although your contribution may be only a small part of a game, it is a team that bring everything together.  Artists working with coders, producers working with designers etc.

Have the ability to showcase your own individual contribution, while at the same time impressing what a great team player you are.

Show passion for team work, passion for your previous work, passion for the games you want to be involved with.