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Games Jobs - King hires BBC diversity director

King hires BBC diversity director
The Candy Crush creator has named Joyce Adeluwoye-Adams as global director of diversity and inclusion. She joins from the BBC, where she worked as diversity lead for two and a half years, prior to which she held a similar position at the Producer's Alliance for Cinema and Television.

She joined King creator earlier this month, shortly after receiving an MBE for her work expanding the talent pool of the media industry. In total, she has over 21 years of experience in her field, which King is keen to draw on.

"It's no surprise that more diverse talent can result in an increase in productivity, innovation and even revenue," said Adeluwoye-Adams.

"It's a real honour to join a company which has such a strong desire to improve diversity and inclusion across its workforce - and I'm excited to drive this agenda forward in my new position at King."