Spooklight Studio

Searching for Wizards...

At Spooklight, we strive to make the world magical. Join our team to help us invent this new reality.

At Spooklight, we strive to make the world magical. Our growing team designs experiments combining art and technology with unmatched expertise.  If you also want to become a magician, if you cannot imagine a job other than one that allows you to push the limits of what’s possible, if you want to imagine with us the world of tomorrow, then continue to read...

Magic Leap, Microsoft, Apple, ODG and so many others are investing billions every year in the development of a new reality: mixed reality. These giants are now going to need quality content to support this revolution. The mission of Spooklight is to make reality magic with
these new platforms.

Storyfab (www.story-fab.com), our first product, allows everyone to become a filmmaker.  Storyfab was first designed for mixed reality glasses and was then adapted to make the most of the devices available to as many people as possible. All our other products are
developed according to the same approach; imagine the future and make it accessible to everyone today.

What are our perks beside joining a great team and a great product?

  • Every year we organize a team event with everyone. This year we're going to Disneyland...
  • Every 3 months the magician who made the best progress are rewarded by a small gift - last one was a weekend in Amsterdam!
  • When you move-in, there is always a place for you to crash before you find your own place.
  • After 6 months you can choose either to dedicate one day of the week to training or to get a raise.
  • We celebrate every birthday with all the team.