Wingnut AR

Wingnut AR is leading the way in the creation of Augmented Reality experiences.

AR is going to change the world in exciting and entertaining ways and we are at the forefront of this new entertainment medium.

We are a highly creative team based in Wellington, New Zealand, led by acclaimed movie director Sir Peter Jackson. We are exploring how AR can be used to entertain and delight and working with some exciting and amazing AR hardware to do it.

We recently presented in Apple’s keynote presentation at WWDC, and we are working with the world's leading augmented reality hardware companies to define the future of storytelling and interactive entertainment in AR.

Wingnut AR Wellington, New Zealand
12 Feb, 2018
Full time
Software Developer We are seeking mid to senior level Software Developers to join our groundbreaking Augmented Reality development team. You will be working closely with artists and truly pushing the limits of technology to bring new forms of entertainment to the world. Responsibilities: Be a key contributor in the development of a number of Augmented Reality projects and the technologies that drive them. Collaborate on multiple areas of development, from game prototyping to production tools, from game logic to graphics, from productivity scripts to low level optimization. Work with cutting edge unreleased hardware, developing techniques and tools to bring high quality real time content onto upcoming AR platforms.  Work closely with artists and designers to solve problems and ensure quality. Happy to be a generalist when necessary, tackling general, editor, engine, builds or tool tasks.  Evaluate and recommend emerging technologies and middleware. Desired Skills & Experience: BSc Degree in a Computer Science/ Engineering, or equivalent experience. Several years professional experience as a developer in the Game, Film, VR or AR Industries. Excellent software engineering skills, including the ability to design, implement, debug and optimize high quality realtime software. An excellent understanding of algorithms, data structures and 3D Math. Extensive knowledge of C++, and a good knowledge in at least one of Objective-C, C# or Python. A good general knowledge of all areas of real time interactive software development, including 3D graphics & 3D graphics APIs, physics & collisions systems, networking, audio, artificial intelligence, animation, game logic and user interfaces. Experience using game engines such as Unreal or Unity. Experience integrating third party middleware into Unreal or Unity. Thrive in a fast-paced, innovative and creative environment. Need to be able to communicate clearly, work well in teams, and be able to work smartly, quickly and efficiently in time sensitive situations. Have a passion for everything Augmented Reality.