Game Designer (Istanbul, Turkey)

  • Gram Games
  • Istanbul, Turkey
  • 25 Apr, 2018
Full time Game and Level Design

Job Description

Game Designer (Istanbul, Turkey)

The ship is yours. Go crazy, have fun!


As a game designer here at Gram, you’d find yourself in a cross-functional role, working with developers, game artists, gameplay analysts, and the marketing teams, to create engaging, original games. You’re here to take ideas, yours or others’, and turn them into fun, engaging, and unique titles. You’d be expected to work with many styles of games, anything from progressive puzzlers to engaging midcore titles, and to participate actively in their development. You’d be an integral part of the prototyping process, and in ensuring that the Gram team is always on its toes.

As a designer, you know what makes a game both fun and successful. Here you’ll have the freedom to utilize the technical, analytical, and artistic capabilities of Gram Games to their full extent, creating titles that will be enjoyed by millions. In a way, it’s up to you to know what we’re capable of, to utilize those skills, and to help push our creative limits. You’re there to bring us all together, to take advantage of  each of our unique skills and turn them into games enjoyed and praised around the world.

We're looking for someone who...

…..has experience as a Game Designer in mobile games and with a F2P business model

…..has a hunger for knowledge and experience and a drive to create the best products possible

…..has shipped at least one social, casual, or freemium game, ideally on mobile

…..has excellent mathematical, analytical and logical skills

…..has a structured, result-oriented working approach, and tailors to each individual project

…..has the ability to support product vision through the design of large-scale game systems that maximize engagement, revenue, and retention

… willing to learn about the latest trends and developments in the industry

… a rapid prototyper, excellent team player and open to change

…..has experience with wireframing, flow diagrams, and prototyping

…..has a strong knowledge of game progression, game balancing and pacing

… able to maintain a strong communication with the team and all the associated parties

…..has excellent communication skills in English

It would also be great if you had...

…..some experience with a programming or scripting language, especially C#

…..experience with the Unity3D editor

…..a thorough understanding of UI/UX balance in mobile titles.

…..professional experience writing design documents for artists and engineers.

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Game Designer (Istanbul, Turkey)