Senior Monetization Designer

  • Certain Affinity
  • Austin, TX, USA
  • 19 Feb, 2018
Full time Game and Level Design

Job Description

Senior Monetization Designer

Do you smile and nod respectfully when a game has brilliant in-game purchases that fill players with joy? Are you a nerd for economics, player psychology AND games? Do you hate the term “whale”? Are you excited when you uncover an intriguing new product opportunity from the depths of your game’s analytics?

Certain Affinity is looking for a top-notch Monetization Designer that can perfectly balance our gameplay and business goals.

Work with our internal teams in a highly collaborative, fast-paced environment to craft systems and game play that drives player purchases though enjoyment – not evil.


    • Work closely with the team’s system designers to ensure the meta-game and inner-loop facilitate a fun player-experience, while also achieving the required business goals
    • Design, test, and tweak player progression/rewards with a focus on character customization
    • Work with the team’s engineers to ensure the correct individual metrics are integrated, and the overall analytics framework properly supports live-ops
    • Oversee the development of all player transactions
    • Work with the marketing team to ensure the game’s user acquisition strategy is ROI positive
    • Draft analytics reports/dashboards for internal and external stake-holders
    • Propose design changes to correct under-performing products or features
    • Collaborate with monetization experts from external publishing partners
    • Maximize LTV and retention through the design and development of events, sales, and other player engagement strategies
    • Manage pricing and probabilities for virtual goods, and balance currencies across all sinks and sources


    • 3+ years as a monetization designer or similar role in the gaming industry
    • Excellent knowledge of the monetization of free-to-play games
    • Knowledge and understanding of game design fundamentals
    • Strong mathematical and analytical skills
    • Ability to work independently and as part of a team
    • Excellent organization skills and ability to multi-task priorities
    • Strong communication and writing skills
    • Ability to work in a fast-paced and confidential environment
    • Passion for making games with “sticky” player experiences
    • Experience with revenue maximization in both elastic and inelastic economies

Extra Credit

    • Bachelors in Finance, Math, Statistics, and/or related field
    • Experience with statistical modeling and forecasting
    • Experience with conducting both random and deterministic A/B testing

Job Ref

Senior Monetization Designer